Low Dose Atropine Therapy for Myopia Control

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Low Dose Atropine is a drop that is often used to dilate the eye; this means it can make lights seem bright and reduce the eye’s ability to focus, making near vision blurry. We can use this drop, in a lower concentration, for myopia control. When a lower concentration (0.01%) is used, children do not experience the side effects of blurry vision and light sensitivity. It is not known exactly how this medication works to slow myopia development.

Atropine (0.01%) is dosed once daily at bedtime in both eyes. Low Dose Atropine Therapy can be used on even our youngest patients, because parents can apply the drops. These drops must be obtained through a special compounding pharmacy, which our office will help locate.

Atropine Therapy for Myopia Control

Your Low Dose Atropine Therapy Program includes the following:

  • Evaluation by one of our trained doctors of optometry.
  • ALL glasses prescription changes made by the doctor for 12 months.
  • ALL related testing (refraction, dilation, etc.)
  • Quarterly follow-ups to monitor for myopic changes.
The Atropine therapy for Myopia control program does NOT include:
  • A comprehensive eye exam. This item must be current within 3 months to be eligible for myopia control therapy. It can be billed to insurance to help with the cost.
  • The initial consultation with the doctor, this service is $80.
  • Note: This fee will be put towards your Myopia Control Therapy Program if you sign up after your consultation.
  • Your supply of Atropine 0.01% drops. Drops cost around $60 per month, plus shipping. The drops are not covered by insurance at this time.

Myopia Management

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