MiSight® Daily Contact Lenses for Myopia Control

by Coopervision®

What can you do when your child tells you they’re struggling to see the board at school? Or that things are beginning to look blurrier the further they get from them? One cause for this blurry distance vision could be myopia. Myopia causes light rays to focus at a point in front of the retina rather than directly on the surface, owing to elongation of the eye.

Myopia Control

Myopic progression is when prescriptions increase over time, and higher prescriptions have been linked to sight-threatening conditions later in life such as, retinal detachment, glaucoma and myopic maculopathy. Myopia control protocols are designed to reduce this progression.

Even children with fairly low prescriptions have a higher risk of glaucoma and retinal detachment compared to non-myopic children, and that risk multiplies as their prescriptions get stronger.

81% of eye care professionals agree that myopia is one of the biggest problems impacting children’s eyesight today. But until now, traditional eyeglasses and contact lenses available in the U.S. have only been developed to correct blurred vision, but they do nothing to help slow gradual prescription increases.




Myopia Control

MiSight® 1 day is an award-winning dual-focus soft contact lens that uses ActivControl™ Technology to slow the elongation of the eyeball. The ActivControl™ Technology in MiSight® 1 day utilizes an optic zone concentric ring design with alternating vision correction and treatment zones. Two zones are vision correction zones with the label power of the contact lens, and the alternating two zones are treatment zones with 2 diopters of defocus to slow the progression of myopia.

This design allows the child to see clearly while benefiting from the treatment effect.

Myopia Control Study

CooperVision undertook a rigorous, multi-year, multi-country study to track how the MiSight® 1 day contact lens affected myopia progression when initially fit on children ages 8–12 years old. After three years, the study concluded the lens effectively slowed myopia progression by 59% and slowed the rate at which the eye lengthens by 52% compared to children in the control group wearing a single-vision 1-day lens.

Results presented after the five-year mark continued to demonstrate safety and efficacy.

Myopia Control

Incorporating this myopia control technology into a 1-day disposable lens was based on the safety profile of lenses that are discarded after one day of use, as well as children’s ease of use and parental peace of mind.

For children and parents, a multi-center study found:


of children in the study preferred wearing MiSight® 1 day lenses over wearing eyeglasses.


of children could apply and remove the MiSight® 1 day lenses on their own.


of parents reported their children were happy with their experience wearing contact lenses. They noted the comfort, vision, ease of use, and freedom from eyeglasses as top benefits.

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Your MiSight® Lens Myopia Control Program includes the following:

• Evaluation by one of our trained doctors of optometry.
• ALL related testing (refraction, dilation, etc.)
• Quarterly follow-ups to monitor for myopic changes.
• 1-year supply of soft multi-focal contact lenses.

The program does NOT include:

• A comprehensive eye exam. This item must be current within 3 months
to be eligible for myopia control therapy. It can be billed to insurance to
help with the cost.
• The initial consultation with the eye doctor, this service is $80. (Note: This fee will be put towards your Myopia Control
Therapy Program if you sign up after your consultation.)


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Myopia Management

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